Today is equal pay day!

This is the day when women employees catch up with their male counterparts. Women get paid on average more than three-months-worth less than men doing the same job. So if the male worker gets around $12,000, the female worker gets more like $9,000. This disparity is one of the worst among all the developed countries. It should be changed.

This is a special challenge for single moms and for families who rely on two jobs, or even more, outside the home just to make ends meet. And with the costs of child care, before and after school care and transportation and clothes for multiple jobs, the actual benefit can feel mighty miniscule. And everyone can grow short of energy and short of patience, which can make the whole family suffer emotionally.

But many families are doing more than advocating for better pay and equitable treatment for their female members.

More families every day are finding ways to supplement their job incomes with independent incomes.

Here is an article all about it.

I have found one of the finest home businesses ever in NIKKEN. I highly recommend you check it out! As a family counselor for over twenty years, I found one of the greatest stresses on families was their income, and the tough choices they had to make between time and freedom with their children and making ends meet financially.

I know a number of families where the mother, or father, has been able to stay home with the children and build an independent income while saving on the costs in time and money of commuting, clothes, childcare, even medical expenses, and more.

That’s why I was so excited to find a company which really puts life balance and family health and well-being first. I had discovered the idea of network distribution years before, where you recommend a product or service just by word of mouth while the company rewards you for your marketing efforts.

But I never found a unique line of products which was a real addition to the marketplace until I found Nikken. That was almost 20 years ago, and the Company has only grown, added more phenomenal products, always unique and cutting edge, and most recently, made it even more profitable for families to embrace this home based business, which can actually evolve into a home based career.

There are families too where one parent started a home based business, and it eventually grew by their own efforts to be able to support the family when the other parent was downsized or retired.

Do check out the article above about how women, especially moms, are leading the move away from dependence on corporate pay towards entrepreneurship and independent contracting. Called the “gig” economy, it allows moms to have control over their time and income, and to be rewarded not for hours put in but for their results.

I urge you to check out this amazing Company at my retail website,

And please contact me so I can show you the ropes! It will be well worth your time. Tell me what you are interested in and I will send you a video, under 5 minutes, to start your process of discovery of Nikken’s amazing approach to self-care, natural living, and true life balance.

In my recent book, The True Secret to Weight Loss Is Energy, your will find details about how and why Nikken technologies for the home can be life-changing for so many families, with respect to both their health and their time and money freedom.

When I had a family counseling practice out of my home so that I could have more time with my family, I was proud to be able to help families cope successfully with the stresses of work-home imbalances and just not enough time.

Now I am so grateful to be able to offer a real alternative, a way out, a creative solution, to help you move forward, away from just coping and towards taking control of the family’s time, income, health, and destiny together.

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