You have watched your teen butterfly struggle to emerge from her or his cocoon, and now you get to marvel at the unpredictable colors that show up on her or his huge beautiful wings.

The human brain takes over 25 years to mature, and recent neuroplasticity research shows that it hardly stops there. If we choose to continue learning, trying new things and building our relationships, our brains continue to develop new pathways and new skills.

As parents, we must step back a bit and give our young adult room. If we had challenges in the previous years, it is never too late to make amends. Communication becomes critical now, because we no longer have any power to control our child or their environment. We must now continue to earn their trust and to nurture their desire to have us be part of their lives. And how we do this determines how it goes. Again it is a daily choice between offering advice, listening thoughtfully, and letting go with love.

Our focus will now be shifting from offering them our parental advice and guidance to holding a place in our hearts and minds for them to build faith in their own judgment, intuition and skills, whether it’s about romance, career, mentors, finances, health, geography, companions, lifestyle or more. We must trust in our own past efforts and then guard our own daily thoughts, words and efforts, for these are more important than grand gestures for establishing life-long trust and love.


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