My greatest joy is to increase people’s awareness of how small choices they make every day have huge effects on their health, relationships, and happiness.

I hope that I can help you to tap into your deepest wisdom and most enlightened intuitions as a parent, to make your experience fun and successful, with less stress and worry. I love cutting through the noise in a parent’s life and helping her or him to discover their true power and their most exciting path to becoming their best self.

Before I was 20, I had traveled in 29 countries with my parents, a physician and a sociologist, studying different cultures and peoples. I decided then that I wanted to help the world to become a more peaceful, healthy and happy place. Thinking international law would be a good place to start, I became a lawyer, but I left practice when I decided to focus on building a happy healthy family myself.

With my husband John, I left yuppie life in Philadelphia to rebuild an old farmhouse in the hills of upstate New York, determined to live as simply and naturally as we could. There our son and daughter were born, and people started asking us how we made our parenting go so smoothly. Those questions led to my first book, called You Can Postpone Anything But Love, because that is what our parenting was all about.

That book led to requests for counseling, so in 1985, I founded the Institute for Creative Solutions to share the tools we had discovered which helped us the most. Meanwhile, we had returned to Philadelphia, where I became a certified clinical nutritionist and a family therapist and also wrote several more books. As a result, I became a popular media expert on family life.

Later I earned a masters degree in theology while exploring postmodern spirituality, and I also began to recommend a uniquely comprehensive line of self-care products I had discovered from Japan, as a resource to help parents create healthy, nontoxic environments in their home.

Now we are happy, healthy grandparents, living on both coasts in PA and CA, and I invite you to take every advantage of all the tools and wisdom we can offer you.

I believe parenthood is the highest calling on the planet, and now with digital communication, I can invite you across the world to help me make the world a more peaceful, healthy and happy place, for our children, grandchildren, and beyond.


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