Once your baby can walk and talk, she or he is no longer a baby. But then so much goes on between two and twelve!

I believe a parent’s first responsibility is still to protect the child from harm it cannot anticipate, to create a nurturing environment, and to show his or her parental love through the daily affection and respect that is due every baby and child.

I believe that just as babies are born with the drive to live and get their needs met, parents too have the knowledge they need inside them already to be a “good parent.” The challenge for most parents is to tap into that deep wisdom and not get distracted by pressures, deadlines, goals, advice, comparisons and competition from outside.

Today there are more choices than ever about eating, health care, education, worship, family structure, social life, schedules, sports, body image, social media, video games, and more. We need to be on our toes!


But we need not get stressed out if we accept that we are without doubt the most important influence in our child’s life, bar none. That means our decisions, once justly and well considered, must be the rule of the day. It is by our actions, more than by our words, that our child learns how to thrive in the world we all share. And we need not be perfect, only our authentic best selves.

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