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    You may have found us because you’re curious about what we have to say about parenthood here at the Institute for Creative Solutions. It is worth exploring.

    Or you may be here because you are facing a particular problem for which you seek a creative solution. We can help.

    But there is so much opinion and advice available today across a whole broad spectrum, from “lazy parent” to the “tiger mom,” and from experts to brand new parents. Why listen to us?

    We believe we have something unique and important to bring to the parenthood table. Exploring parenthood with us, you will quickly get to the heart, the bedrock, the core and foundation of parenting. And from there it all becomes much easier, more rewarding, more predictable, and more fun!

    There is a core truth about parenting that exists in every parent-child relationship, except of course where extreme adverse circumstances prevent any kind of normalcy. That core truth is the natural interplay between a parent’s love and the child’s urge to grow. At the deepest level, these are one and the same. They are the divine urge of life to create and expand. If everything we do as parents starts there, we will stay on a good path.

    We call our approach prepared, holistic, responsive, and spiritual parenting. You will be glad you took a look!

    If you click right now on the page for your child’s stage of life, you may immediately find some small or big thing of value which will make your day easier and more self-assured.

    Then check into our blog from time to time for great tips and concepts for all stages of your child’s life, as well as for guest contributions.

    And take advantage of the extensive information, personal stories, enlightening principles, inspiration, case histories, dialogues and more, collected in our books, available here.

    Also you can find a complete selection of home products at our store, to help you create the ultimate wellness environment in which your child will can thrive.

    And you can also enjoy over 80 enlightening radio interviews with other experts on issues of concern to parents, at

    30 years of research, uncovered in the subjects of Parenting, Motherhood, Healthy Living and more.

    Randy has partnered up with Nikken as an independent consultant to bring you products that can help you live a healthier life for you and your family.

    You Can Postpone Anything But Love.

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