Parenting a baby human being is an awesome privilege and a huge responsibility. But it is also meant to be fun and uplifting! Otherwise it would have fallen out of use long ago. There are a few important fundamental ideas though, which help make it so. If we start in the right place, parenting can be easier and more satisfying that we generally believe in our culture today.

Consider these fundamentals:
1 Parenthood works: It has stood the test of time as a cornerstone of humanity’s success.
2 You can do this: A baby’s needs are not limitless or impossible to meet. Rather, the attentive parent can respond effectively to the needs her or his baby communicates, even from day one.
3 Baby works with you: A baby has his or her own natural health and personality tendencies, which she or he is programmed to develop in the context of the environment which you as parent create.
4 It’s worth it: With the complexities of modern life, a parent’s daily choices can seem overwhelming, but the pure satisfaction of putting forth your best efforts is beyond imagination.

If these ideas fit with your beliefs, you are already on track. We can have a lot of fun exploring parenthood together, with the goal of developing happy healthy families and happy, healthy, confident, capable and compassionate children.

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